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Create Safer Organisations
CSO has a combined collective of over 60 years professional experience of safeguarding and protecting children
and young people within organisational settings.

In the present climate effective safeguarding has become an essential element of any "safe" organisation.
It is therefore very important to find a reliable and expert provider and currently this can be difficult as funding
cuts are deeply affecting local authorities and traditional providers.

CSO we can offer a dependable service which includes, information, support, guidance and training to suit
your needs.

CSO our Mission Statement states we will:
"Work in partnership with organisations to create a safer
environment for children and staff where we challenge,
support and develop a workforce, skilled and confident
in all aspects of safeguarding"
At CSO we offer:
• Safeguarding Training
• Safer Recruitment Training
• Safeguarding Audits
• Safeguarding Updates
• Training and Advice in Managing
• Allegations
• E-safety
• Designated Manager training in Educational Setting
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